A conversation with an animal, how beautiful would that be ?!

Find out what keeps him busy and how he sees the world, why he does the way he does. Why he is so angry or where he has pain or simply what makes him happy. You may want to prepare your animal for surgery or relocation so that they understand what is about to happen. Or maybe you would like a meeting with your deceased or missing pet.


It is certainly not impossible! Floaty? No it isn’t that bad. It depends on how floaty you make it yourself, I myself am quite down to earth by nature and like to keep both feet on the ground. I understand very well that it is difficult to believe in it. I started the course out of curiosity but with very mixed feelings. I was extremely skeptical myself and I did a lot of testing before I even told people that I was involved in animal communication. I also had to cross a considerable threshold. And I too am only convinced that the conversation is correct if the control questions are actually correct. Animal communication is not a gift or paranormal activity, but pure training of intuition, and intuition is possessed by every human being. Everyone is able to learn animal communication, if I can do it you can too.


No, through the control questions we can properly check whether your animal has indeed been spoken to. That makes it a lot more reliable and perhaps also a bit more tangible, but it also makes me more vulnerable than many animal communicators who usually work without control questions. Keep in mind that it can never be exact. I assume a correct conversation if at least 50% of the control questions are correct, but usually the correctness of the answers is 80-95%. What you also need to know is that a conversation consists of a stream of words, images and feelings. Sometimes it is very difficult to get the right things in the right place and to correctly interpret the information received. That sometimes takes a bit of searching and that is why I also give room to discuss the report if desired. It is also good to realize that a conversation is a snapshot. An animal mainly lives in the here and now and will pass on what is important at that moment. Then it may be that the urgency of the content of the conversation differs from what the owner had in mind.

How does it work then?

  • I like to work with a sharp recent photo where I can see the face and eyes well. One of the last photos is fine with deceased animals.
  • I work from a distance so its not required te be in the same room with the animal.
  • I would like to receive a 2-4 check/control questions from the owner. Simple everyday questions to which the owner knows the answer and I don’t. Questions such as color / material of food bowl or collar, a favorite toy or lying place or another question so that you as the owner can be sure that the answer concerns your animal, such as a specific behavior that belongs to your animal in a certain situation. I also ask these questions in the conversation and will be reflected in the report. Make sure you don’t accidentally reveal these questions to me by seeing it in the photo provided.
  • Then I would like to receive the questions to which you would really like to have an answer or an explanation about upcoming events such as a medical procedure or, for example, a move to an other house.
  • If you really want to speak specifically about a particular topic, it is useful to explain the situation so that I can better guide the conversation. This can be about, for example, problem behavior he / she shows, stress in certain situations, sadness or loss or how he stands in his / her physical problems.
  • I don’t really want to put a limit on the number of questions, but 6-8 questions is average.
  • I would also like the name sex, age and place of residence of the animal
  • Then I need a little time, a conversation cannot be forced and I must also be able to do it in peace and quiet and then work out the conversation for you in the form of a report. I have room for 2 conversations per week, which means that the waiting time can increase to a maximum of 2 months.
  • Costs for an interview including a detailed report and possibly a discussion by email is € 65,- You must transfer this in advance. You will receive payment details after registration.
  • If your conversation is in a hurry, because your animal is seriously ill and you would like to know how it feels or because it is missing or something else that cannot wait, please indicate this on the application form. There are additional costs involved. I will contact you as soon as possible to see if this works out in terms of planning.
  • Use the Animal communication interview registration form to register
  • You can read some older conversations in the blog, and of course also on Facebook

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Permission is always asked if I can post your conversation in the blog after we have discussed it with each other, if you don’t want that, that’s fine of course. Nothing will be posted without permission. If you do give permission for this, I never use the name from the owner in the message.

Behave holistic does not replace a consultation with a veterinarian, but only offers natural support in the well-being of your animal.