About me

Since 2000 I have been working professionally as an animal trainer in the Netherlands, Curacao and Germany. Started training dogs and then expanded to parrots, sea lions, street dog rehabilitation and animal communication in 2016. Animals remain intertwined with my life. I like the versatility of my school. One day I have an animal communication conversation with animals and their owners all over the world, the next day I give online dog training to owners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Curacao and other countries. Yet another day I take exams for the compulsory “dog owner’s exam” here in Niedersachsen Germany. In addition, together with my husband I manage a number of holiday homes under Platell Ferienhäuser here in the Harz Germany. Where you can relax with your dog (or cat)!

I hope to meet you and your animal!

With love, Esther

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